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IG Sindh Directs Enhanced Monitoring and Maintenance of Police Vehicles

Karachi: Inspector General of Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon has mandated stricter controls on the maintenance and oversight of police vehicles, emphasizing the importance of trackers for both operational efficiency and fuel economy. This directive came during a review meeting at the Central Police Office in Karachi, which focused on the implementation of vehicle trackers and other related measures.

According to Sindh Police, the meeting brought together senior officials including the DIG for Transport and Telecommunications (DIGT and T), the Assistant Inspector General for Motor Transport (AIGMT), and other representatives from the headquarters and a private tracking company. The DIGT and T presented an update on the progress of the tracker installations, underscoring their significant role in improving the management and utility of the fleet while also contributing to fuel savings.

IG Sindh instructed that all district Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) and police units must conduct monthly inspections of all relevant vehicles, requiring them to oversee the repair of those in poor condition and submit a photographic report of the same each month. Additionally, he outlined procedures for regular inquiries into any accidents involving police vehicles, proposing the creation of a provincial list of expert and experienced officers to handle such reviews.