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ECNEC Greenlights Major Infrastructure and Development Projects Across Pakistan

Islamabad: The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has approved a series of significant infrastructure and development projects aimed at boosting economic growth and addressing critical needs in various sectors. The approvals, granted in a meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq, encompass a wide range of initiatives from flood response housing to railway upgrades and water management.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, a key focus of the ECNEC meeting was the ‘Flood Response Emergency Housing Project (Phase-I),’ which will aid flood-affected communities in Sindh by constructing over 250,000 flood-resilient houses, funded through a loan from the Asian Development Bank. Additionally, the meeting prioritized the upgradation of Pakistan Railways’ main Line-1 (ML-1) from Karachi to Multan, underlining the importance of modernizing critical transport infrastructure.

The council also moved forward with four water sector projects, including the ‘Construction of Dadhocha Dam (revised)’ by the Government of Punjab, which will help alleviate water shortages in Rawalpindi by providing 35 million gallons per day. Other approved projects include the closure of the Gomal Zam Multipurpose project, Raising of Mangla Dam project, and Golen Gol Hydropower project, all aimed at enhancing the nation’s water resource management and energy production capabilities.

Further approvals were granted for the ‘Development of Integrated Transit Trade Management System,’ which involves building state-of-the-art border crossing points and establishing a Land Port Authority to improve trade management. ECNEC also extended the ‘Karachi Neighborhood Improvement Project (KNIP)’ to enhance urban spaces in Karachi and approved the construction of a border terminal at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Badini, along with a road upgrade in district Saifullah.

These initiatives reflect ECNEC’s commitment to addressing Pakistan’s infrastructure needs and fostering economic development through strategic investments across various key sectors.