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Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Reviews Pakistan’s Diplomatic and Economic Progress

Islamabad: The Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs convened its inaugural meeting today at the Parliament House, led by Chairman Senator Irfan-Ul-Haque Siddiqui. The comprehensive session, attended by key governmental figures including Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar, focused on Pakistan’s recent diplomatic achievements and strategies for economic recovery.

According to Senate of Pakistan, Foreign Minister Dar provided an extensive report on the Ministry’s progress during its first 100 days, highlighting the shift towards economic diplomacy and geo-economics. He detailed significant diplomatic initiatives such as advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza at the OIC Summit, participating in the Nuclear Energy Summit, and conducting strategic visits to countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, and Uzbekistan. These visits have been pivotal in strengthening partnerships across various sectors, notably ICT and renewable energy, and have culminated in substantial investment pledges, such as a $10 billion commitment from the UAE.

Additionally, the meeting addressed the enhancement of consular services, with new measures to facilitate document attestation for residents in remote areas and the introduction of the ‘Apostille Verification’ initiative by the Ministry.

Chairman Siddiqui queried about the oversight of Pakistani trade attachés abroad, prompting the Foreign Secretary to outline a rigorous evaluation process based on key performance indicators reviewed quarterly.

Foreign Minister Dar also discussed recent engagements concerning Afghanistan, including security and health issues tackled at the Doha meeting, and outlined plans for an upcoming visit to further these discussions. He emphasized Pakistan’s reinvigorated global interactions, noting the country’s departure from diplomatic isolation and its efforts to attract foreign direct investment to bolster economic recovery.

The session also touched upon the challenges faced by Pakistani students in Central Asia, with assurances from Minister Dar about ongoing governmental support. He reported that, through the government’s efforts, a significant number of students from Kyrgyzstan have been able to return to Pakistan.

The meeting was attended by a broad spectrum of senators including Sherry Rehman, Rana Mahmood Ul Hassan, and others, underscoring the committee’s comprehensive approach to overseeing Pakistan’s foreign affairs and economic strategies.