Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Advocates Regional Cooperation for Socio-Economic Prosperity in Washington DC Address

Islamabad, September 08, 2023 (PPI-OT): “We need to unleash the combined energy of Pakistan, Central Asia, West Asia and the Middle East for socio-economic prosperity of the region,” said Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States. “This is one ecosystem,” he continued, says a press release received here today from Washington DC. Ambassador Masood Khan made these remarks while talking to a group of over thirty media persons of international correspondent’s committee of the National Press Club Washington DC, the most prestigious journalist body of press correspondents of the United States. Masood Khan said that Pakistan is a great country. We have a great future. Pakistan is negotiating a transition. But “as a nation, we remain resolute and determined that we will resolve all our problems.

We would emerge as one of the strongest and one of the most prosperous nations on earth. This is the designated objective for us,” he continued. The Ambassador also lauded the leadership of Eileen O'Reilly, the 116th President of the National Press Club for promoting culture of inclusivity. Briefing international correspondents, the Ambassador said that he had been associated with the United Nations in different capacities and he knew that the work of democracy, rule of law, human rights was never fully done. “It is an ongoing and no country is an exception including Pakistan, he said. “But, he continued, “we are committed to the foundational principles of our polity and we continue to pursue them and structure our politics and economy around these principles.” Masood Khan said that Pakistan was faced with economic challenges. He said that efforts were afoot to bring macro-economic stability in the country.

“That is our strategic goal and priority,” he said. He said that Pakistan needed support of the United States, International Financial Institution, the Bretton Woods Institutions for this transitional phase. National Press Club in its report by Claudia Flisi quoted the Ambassador as saying that Pakistan was writing a new chapter in its relations with the United States. The Ambassador highlighted climate change, renewable energy, green technologies, preparedness for pandemics, disease surveillance, counterterrorism, counter-narcotics, and stabilization of Afghanistan as the major areas where the two countries were collaborating. “We want to be closely associated with the United States,” said Pakistan’s top envoy to the United States.

He called the current state of U.S.-Pakistani relations as “on track and on an even keel,” the report said. On regional situation, Masood Khan said that Pakistan needed a stable neighbourhood and for stable neighbourhood we needed stabilization of Afghanistan. “We also need to have dialogue and diplomacy with India,” he added.

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