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Pakistan Ambassador Advocates for Poverty Elimination and Balanced Global Relations

Washington D.C., Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Masood Khan, emphasized the urgent need to eliminate poverty globally, particularly in the Global South, and called for a balanced approach to international relations during his discussion on the ‘Global in the Granite State’ Podcast hosted by the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire.

According to Embassy of Pakistan – Washington D.C, Ambassador Khan stressed the importance of addressing existential threats such as climate change and advocated for a responsible and responsive international financial system to help countries escape debt traps and bolster economic resilience. He underscored the holistic nature of peace and security, noting the interconnectedness of sustainable development with global stability.

During the podcast, Khan discussed the dynamics of Pakistan-U.S. relations, highlighting the broad scope of their economic partnership, which includes initiatives in climate change, healthcare, and education. He noted the strategic recalibration of Pak-US relations post-military withdrawal, focusing on strengthening economic and security ties.

Ambassador Khan also touched upon U.S.-China relations, suggesting that Pakistan could serve as an economic bridge between the two powers, potentially hosting U.S. industries to facilitate exports to China. He praised the recent diplomatic engagements between the U.S. and China, advocating for a collaborative rather than confrontational approach.

Addressing regional security, Khan called on the Afghan government to take decisive action against terrorist groups like the TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan), underscoring the threat they pose to regional stability. On the subject of Kashmir, he reiterated Pakistan’s stance that the people of Jammu and Kashmir should determine their future through democratic means rather than force.

Furthermore, Khan commented on India’s regional relationships, suggesting that India’s progress would be significantly enhanced by fostering positive relations with its neighbors, including Pakistan, and prioritizing economic connectivity over geopolitical tensions.