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National Assembly of Pakistan Forms Taskforce on Sustainable Development Goals

Islamabad: The National Assembly of Pakistan has officially announced the formation of a new taskforce dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This strategic move aims to bolster the country’s commitment to achieving these global objectives through focused parliamentary oversight and action.

According to National Assembly of Pakistan, the Speaker has appointed four members to the 4th National Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs. The taskforce includes Mr. Aqeel Malik from PMLN representing NA-54, Mr. Iqbal Zehri and Ms. Naz Baloch from PPPP representing RSW, and Ms. Sehar Kamran also from PPPP, also representing RSW. This diverse team will collaborate to drive progress on the SDGs within the legislative framework of Pakistan, focusing on tailored initiatives that address the specific needs and challenges faced by the country in sustainable development.

The newly formed taskforce will play a critical role in integrating SDG targets into national policies and legislation, ensuring that Pakistan remains aligned with its international commitments towards sustainable and inclusive development.