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Karachi Mayor Enforces Accountability Measures to Enhance Hospital Services

Karachi: In a decisive move to enhance the quality of medical services in the city, Karachi Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab has announced stringent accountability measures for the management of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) hospitals. The Mayor expressed his determination to revamp hospital services through a structured approach of rewards and penalties.

According to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Mayor Wahab, while chairing a meeting of the KMC Medical Services Department, emphasized the necessity of performance improvement across all KMC hospitals. He announced the suspension of Dr. Ghulam Abbas, Medical Superintendent of Sarfraz Rafiqee Shaheed Hospital, due to absenteeism, underscoring the administration’s commitment to enforcing disciplinary actions against non-compliance.

The Mayor has mandated all hospital medical superintendents to submit a detailed report within a week, accounting for the number of patients treated over the past year. He warned of strict consequences for those providing inaccurate data. Furthermore, medical staff are required to affirm via oath that they are exclusively serving at KMC hospitals, with these declarations to be submitted to the Mayor’s Secretariat promptly.

In his directive, Mayor Wahab also called for immediate improvements in hospital cleanliness, the availability of essential medicines, and medical equipment. He stressed that while KMC hospitals are an economical option for providing medical care, the success of these institutions hinges on the satisfaction of the patients and the efficiency of services provided.

The ongoing performance of all KMC hospitals will be continuously monitored to ensure that the newly implemented measures translate into better healthcare services for the citizens of Karachi.