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IG Sindh Initiates Comprehensive Upgrades for Police Training Centers

Karachi: In a significant move to bolster the effectiveness of police training across the province, IG Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon chaired a meeting focused on enhancing the standards at all Sindh Police training centers. The session, attended by principals of these centers and senior officers, was held at the Central Police Office in Karachi.

According to Sindh Police, DIG Training provided a thorough briefing on the current training courses, curriculum, and modules. He outlined the ongoing priorities and measures being implemented to elevate the quality of police education and training throughout the region.

IG Sindh emphasized the need for rapid action to upgrade the Skrund Training Center, following directives from the President of Pakistan. He advocated for a detailed review and integration of comprehensive suggestions at all levels to facilitate these improvements. Furthermore, he praised the recent performance of the Razzakabad and Shahdad Police Training Centers, noting their effective training programs, and urged that efforts at these and other centers be intensified to maintain and enhance training standards.

During the meeting, IG Sindh also recognized the efforts of various training institutes with rewards and certificates of appreciation, signaling his commitment to fostering excellence and coordination in police training. He expressed his intention to personally recommend increases to the annual budget for training institutions to the Government of Sindh, stressing the importance of robust relationships between trainers and trainees.

Moreover, IG Sindh tasked DIG Training with the preparation of comprehensive recommendations for the upgrade of all training facilities. These recommendations should include proposals for environmental enhancements, like the planting of trees and the maintenance of green spaces, to create a conducive learning environment. He also directed the drafting of proposals for necessary budget increases, facility repairs, and the provision of modern training equipment, to be submitted for approval by the Government of Sindh.