Government Initiates Nationwide Crackdown on Medicines Profiteering

Karachi: The Pakistani government has launched a comprehensive crackdown against profiteers in the pharmaceutical sector across the country. This move is aimed at curbing the illegal markup on medicines and ensuring that essential drugs are available to the public at fair prices.

According to Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Caretaker Minister for Health, Dr. Nadeem Jan, in a statement, emphasized that the government is committed to taking stringent actions against those involved in the illegal profit-making from medicines. In line with this commitment, heavy fines will be imposed on those found guilty of profiteering, as per the stipulations of the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) Act.

This initiative is part of the government's broader efforts to regulate the pharmaceutical industry and protect consumers from exploitative practices. By enforcing the DRAP Act, the government aims to establish a fair and transparent system for the pricing and distribution of medicines in Pakistan, ensuring that healthcare remains accessible and affordable for all citizens.

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