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Ecological Crisis in Srinagar as Thousands of Fish Die in Local Stream

Srinagar: An environmental disaster has unfolded in the Tsoonth Koul stream in the Barbar Shah area of Srinagar, in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), where thousands of fish were discovered dead, triggering concerns about the ecological balance and the local community’s livelihood.

According to Kashmir Media Service, residents near the stream, also known as Apple stream, are deeply troubled by the mass fish deaths, which they see as a threat not just to biodiversity but also to their economic welfare. Local fishermen, reliant on the stream for their livelihood, are particularly affected. Fisheries department officials have identified oxygen depletion as the primary cause of the die-off, with high temperatures and humidity exacerbating the condition. They also noted that pollution from waste disposal and other contaminants has severely impacted water quality, further reducing the oxygen levels necessary for fish survival.

Community members have urgently called for IIOJK authorities to address the situation and take preventive measures to safeguard their environment and way of life against future ecological threats.