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Urgent Completion of Panjra Bridge Construction Ordered in Kachhi Ahead of Monsoon Season

Kachhi: In a critical assessment of the ongoing construction of the Panjra Bridge, Deputy Commissioner Kachhi, Captain Retired Jameel Ahmad Baloch, has mandated the expedited completion of the project in anticipation of the upcoming monsoon rains and potential flood threats. The directive was issued during a site review with representatives from the National Highway Authority.

According to Directorate General Public Relation – Govt of Balochistan, Deputy Commissioner Baloch stressed the urgency of finishing the bridge construction to avoid significant disruptions in traffic flow during adverse weather conditions. The area, prone to flooding, especially from the Bolan mountain range, currently faces significant risks that could isolate residents and disrupt travel if the bridge is not completed in time.

The Deputy Commissioner emphasized the necessity for the government contractor to deploy maximum machinery and manpower to ensure that the bridge is operational before the onset of the monsoon season. This move is seen as essential to maintaining connectivity and ensuring the safety and convenience of the public during the flood-prone months.