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President Zardari Advocates for Comprehensive Economic Strategies and Media Freedom in Lahore Seminar

Lahore: President Asif Ali Zardari emphasized the necessity of adopting holistic financial strategies and prudent economic policies to advance national development during his address at the Professor Waris Mir Memorial Seminar. The President stressed the importance of modernizing various sectors, particularly agriculture, and outlined plans to tax agricultural income in compliance with IMF guidelines. The seminar, attended by prominent journalists, academics, and political figures, also highlighted the role of media in empowering public discourse, despite recent challenges including media polarization and external manipulations affecting Muslim societies.

According to Press Information Department, President Zardari praised the historical resilience of the Pakistan People’s Party under adversities such as political pressures and assassination threats. He underscored his support for press freedom and criticized agenda-driven information that poses risks to societal harmony. Furthermore, the President commemorated the democratic endeavors and contributions of the late Professor Waris Mir and the ongoing efforts by his sons, Faisal Mir and Hamid Mir, in journalism and public affairs. The event also featured remarks from senior journalists Hamid Mir and Sohail Warraich, who called for an end to political victimization and affirmed the need for political reconciliation to address the nation’s challenges.