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Balochistan Provincial Assembly Elects New Chairmen for Key Standing Committees

Quetta: The Balochistan Provincial Assembly conducted elections for chairmen of four standing committees, with members unanimously selecting leaders for crucial sectors including education, information, irrigation, and public health.

According to Directorate General Public Relation – Govt of Balochistan, the assembly saw Khair Jan Baloch elected as the Chairman of the Committee for Education, Literacy and Non-Formal Education, Higher Education, Presidential Program CDWA, Quality Education and Science and Information Technology. This committee plays a vital role in shaping educational policies and initiatives within the province.

Rehmat Ali Baloch was chosen to lead the Committee for the Department of Information, Sports and Culture, Tourism, Archaeology, Museums and Libraries. His election underscores the assembly’s focus on bolstering cultural activities and enhancing tourist attractions across the region.

For the Committee overseeing Irrigation and Energy, Environment, Forests and Wildlife, Prince Ahmed Umar Ahmadzai was elected as the chairman. This committee is essential for managing the province’s natural resources and environmental conservation efforts.

Additionally, Dr. Muhammad Nawaz was elected as the chairman of the Committee for Public Health and Population Welfare, which addresses critical issues related to healthcare services and population management.

These elections are expected to influence the future direction of policy making in their respective fields, enhancing governance and development in Balochistan.