Punjab Government Cuts Bread Prices to Ease Inflation, Announces Minister Chaudhry Shafi Hussain

Lahore, In a significant move to curb inflation and high commodity prices, Punjab’s Provincial Minister of Industry and Commerce, Chaudhry Shafi Hussain, announced a government-led initiative to reduce the prices of bread products across the province.

According to Directorate General Public Relation – Govt of Punjab, Minister Hussain detailed the actions taken following the “historic Ramadan package” aimed at financial relief for citizens. The price reductions in basic staples like bread now set at 16 rupees, and a larger loaf at 20 rupees are part of broader efforts under the leadership of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif to tackle the escalating cost of living. The Minister emphasized the importance of strict enforcement of these new pricing mandates and warned that no deviations from the implementation would be tolerated.

In addition to addressing food prices, Minister Hussain reiterated the provincial government’s commitment to stimulating economic growth and stability. He highlighted ongoing welfare schemes and planned investments intended to spark an industrial revolution in Punjab, which he said would enhance job opportunities and establish the province as a central hub of economic activity. Hussain also mentioned efforts to craft economic policies that are both easy to navigate and attractive to investors, aiming to invigorate both domestic and foreign investment in the region.

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