Pakistan to Lead 2024 Session of UN Disarmament Commission

Islamabad, In a significant development at the United Nations, Pakistan has been unanimously chosen to chair the UN Disarmament Commission’s session for the year 2024. The appointment places Pakistan at the helm of the commission’s efforts to navigate complex disarmament issues globally.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the UN Disarmament Commission, serving as a crucial subsidiary body of the UN General Assembly, is tasked with making recommendations on various disarmament concerns, and Pakistan’s leadership role represents a substantial responsibility and honor.

Ambassador Usman Jadoon, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN, expressed commitment to Pakistan’s principles of multilateral diplomacy during his address. He vowed to act as a fair mediator and a catalyst for constructive dialogue throughout the commission’s deliberations.

In a separate engagement during the general debate, Ambassador Munir Akram drew attention to the deteriorating security conditions in South Asia, attributing it to the aggressive armament agenda of the region’s largest state. The commentary highlighted the volatility in South Asia, exacerbated by human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), the proximity of large-scale military deployments, state-sponsored terrorism against Pakistan, and a breakdown in diplomatic dialogue.

Ambassador Akram took the opportunity to outline Pakistan’s proposals for a comprehensive disarmament program, aiming to address the various facets of the region’s security challenges.

Pakistan’s election to chair the UN Disarmament Commission is a reflection of the international community’s trust in its ability to guide important disarmament conversations and its continued advocacy for peace and stability in South Asia.

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