Nationwide Hajj Training Enters Second Phase to Prepare Pilgrims

Islamabad, The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has initiated the second phase of a comprehensive Hajj training program aimed at preparing pilgrims for the upcoming pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the training encompasses religious rituals, administrative procedures, and the regulations of Saudi Arabia, ensuring that pilgrims are well-prepared for their spiritual journey. The Ministry has deployed 40 resource persons, including religious scholars and master trainers, who are conducting sessions at 122 locations nationwide at the district level.

During a session yesterday, Hakeem Khattak, Director of the Hajj IT Cell and a master trainer, informed attendees about the mandatory vaccination process that will begin at the conclusion of the training. Pilgrims will receive three vaccines free of charge ten days prior to their departure. Additionally, they will be provided with essential items including a bag, scarf, Ihram belt, shoe bag, and a mobile SIM card, available at the respective bank counters.

The Ministry has also released the flight schedule for the pilgrims. Two days before their departure, pilgrims will receive their passports, tickets, visas, and lockets from their respective Hajj camps, streamlining their preparations for this significant religious obligation.

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