Governor Sindh Highlights Abundant Resources and Youth Potential at Women Dignity Award Ceremony

Karachi, At the Women Dignity Award 2024 ceremony organized by the Consumer Association, Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesori emphasized the crucial role of women in society and the abundance of resources in Pakistan, particularly its youthful demographic. The governor called for collective action to overcome the country’s challenges and recognized the significant contributions of women to societal development.

According to Sindh Governor House, during his address, Governor Tesori noted that Pakistan is rich in resources and that the nation’s youth constitute 70% of its population. He highlighted the impact of individual contributions, referencing an instance where a single person provided Rs.25 billion worth of rations. The Governor also touched upon recent political developments in Azad Kashmir, using them as an example of the consequences of foreign interference and underscoring the need for unity in addressing national issues.

Kokab Iqbal, speaking at the event, praised Governor Tesori’s efforts and dedication to fostering unity and support across Sindh, describing his actions as pivotal in spreading goodwill and cooperation throughout the province.

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