Governor of Sindh Engages with Business Leaders to Address Economic Challenges

Karachi, In a strategic meeting at the Governor’s House, Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesuri engaged with the Pakistan Federation of Industry and Trade, led by SM Tanveer, to discuss pressing economic and industrial issues, including the need for stable utility supply in Karachi. The discussion emphasized the critical role of industrialists in the national economy and explored the transformative potential of the Governor’s IT program for the youth.

According to Sindh Governor House, the session highlighted various topics of mutual interest, such as the persistent economic and industry-related challenges facing Pakistan, and the crucial need for a reliable supply of electricity and gas in Karachi. Governor Tesuri acknowledged the pivotal contribution of industrialists to the country’s economic stability and growth.

The meeting also shed light on the Governor’s IT initiative, which has been lauded by the industrialist delegation as a significant step towards empowering the youth and altering their economic future. The delegation expressed their appreciation for the program and requested Governor Tesuri’s presence at the federation, indicating a desire for continued collaboration and support.

The discussions with federation members like Khalid Tawab, Mian Zahid Hussain, Saqib Fayyaz, Islam Rajput, Jam Qaim Ali, and Dr. Nauman Butt, further underscored the importance of public-private partnership in addressing the economic imperatives and fostering development in the region.

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