Caretaker Chief Minister and Governor Sindh Deliberate on Law and Order, Development in Karachi

Karachi, In a significant meeting at the Governor House, Caretaker Chief Minister Sindh Justice (retired) Maqbool Baqer and Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tesori discussed key issues concerning the province. The focus was on the law and order situation, as well as ensuring the quality and timely completion of development projects in Shahr Quaid. Additionally, they talked about the arrangements for the upcoming general elections in the province.

According to Press Secretary to the Governor of Sindh, the meeting between Justice Baqer and Governor Tesori was crucial in addressing the immediate needs and future plans for Karachi. The conversation revolved around maintaining peace and stability in the province, especially in the context of the approaching general elections. Both leaders expressed their commitment to ensuring that the developmental projects in Karachi are executed efficiently, meeting the high standards and deadlines set.

The discussion also included strategies for strengthening the law and order framework in Sindh, with an emphasis on creating a safe and secure environment for the citizens. The meeting underscored the collaborative effort between the provincial government and the Governor’s office to address the challenges facing Karachi and to work towards its overall development and prosperity.

The meeting signifies a concerted effort by the provincial leadership to prioritize governance, development, and security in Sindh, especially in the lead-up to the elections.

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