Ambassador Masood Khan Commends APPAC for Strengthening Pak-US Relations

Washington, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Masood Khan, has lauded the American Pakistan Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) for its significant role in enhancing trade, investment ties, and fostering people-to-people contacts between Pakistan and the United States. This acknowledgment came during a virtual meeting with a delegation from APPAC.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ambassador Khan discussed the recent visit of Phil Ramos, Deputy Speaker of the New York State Assembly, to Pakistan. This visit has been pivotal in setting the groundwork for establishing sister-state relations between New York State and Pakistan. During the visit, both sides agreed to take practical steps to bolster bilateral cooperation in the healthcare sector, thereby creating more opportunities for Pakistani paramedical staff in the United States.

The meeting also revealed that the US side had agreed to assist the Pakistani business community in organizing tradeshows and exhibitions in New York State and other US cities. This initiative aims to showcase Pakistani products and further strengthen bilateral ties. In line with these developments, three committees consisting of representatives from the Pak Chamber of Commerce, APPAC, and the Deputy Speaker’s Office have been formed to develop a strategy for implementing these decisions.

Ambassador Khan welcomed these initiatives, particularly the establishment of sister-state relations with New York State, citing existing agreements between California and Punjab, and Sindh and Georgia as models for this partnership. He also underscored the vast trade and investment opportunities in Pakistan, especially in sectors like IT, renewable energy, agriculture, and extractive industries.

Members of APPAC expressed gratitude to Ambassador Khan for his ongoing support and guidance. Additionally, Ambassador Khan held a virtual meeting with representatives from various Pakistani diaspora organizations in the US. He emphasized the importance of unity and synergy among these bodies to amplify the impact of their activities.

The Ambassador’s meetings reflect the ongoing efforts to strengthen ties between Pakistan and the United States, highlighting the crucial role of the Pakistani diaspora in this endeavor.

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