World Embraces Autism Awareness with “Moving from Surviving to Thriving” Theme

Islamabad, Today marks the global observation of World Autism Awareness Day, with Pakistan joining nations around the world in recognition. This year’s theme, “Moving from surviving to thriving,” seeks to shift the focus towards empowering individuals with autism, ensuring they have the necessary support to live fulfilling lives.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, World Autism Awareness Day is a call to action for all stakeholders to foster acceptance and facilitate support systems for those with autism. The theme encapsulates the aspiration that individuals with autism not only survive but also thrive in their communities.

Events and initiatives being held worldwide on this day aim to educate the public, increase awareness, and celebrate the unique talents and skills of people with autism. It is a day to reiterate the commitment to promoting the well-being of the autism community by providing opportunities for growth and achievement.

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