US Rights Group Criticizes BJP’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric in Election Campaign

Islamabad, A US-based rights group, Dangerous Speech Project, has criticized Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders for making anti-Muslim statements during election rallies in India. The organization highlighted particularly concerning remarks made by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, labeling them as part of a disturbing trend of dangerous speech.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the Dangerous Speech Project in its statement pointed out Modi’s speech in Rajasthan’s Banswara where he referred to Muslims as “infiltrators” and suggested they pose a threat to societal purity. “This clearly demonstrates a hallmark of dangerous speech that we call ‘Threat to Group Integrity or Purity’. It’s a tactic used by speakers to assert that members of another group can cause irreparable damage to the integrity or purity of one’s own group,” the statement detailed.

The report further noted an alarming increase in hate speech incidents, emphasizing that such rhetoric has become more prevalent and unchecked under the current government. It also referenced additional findings by India Hate Lab, noting that 668 cases of hate speeches were documented in 2023, with a significant portion occurring in BJP-dominated regions.

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