Sindh Home Minister Assures Justice for Priya Kumari Case to Delegation in Sukkur

Sukkur, In a recent meeting with the heirs of Priya Kumari and members of the Hindu Panchayat Committee, Sindh Home Minister Zia-ul-Hasan Lanjar and Inspector General of Police Ghulam Nabi Memon pledged swift action and justice in the ongoing investigation into the Priya Kumari case.

According to Sindh Police, the Home Minister expressed his sympathy towards the family and the community, reassuring them that the perpetrators would be apprehended soon. “I assure you that justice will be delivered,” Lanjar stated during the meeting, emphasizing the government’s commitment to resolving the case quickly.

Inspector General Ghulam Nabi Memon echoed this commitment, affirming that the police force is actively working to bring the accused to justice. He highlighted the broader objective of ensuring justice for all citizens, which remains a priority for his office.

The meeting underscores the provincial government’s responsiveness to community concerns, particularly in cases involving minority communities, and its dedication to upholding law and order by ensuring that justice prevails.

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