Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesori Celebrates Urdu at International Mushaira in Karachi

Karachi, Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesori recently participated in the International Mushaira hosted at the Arts Council, highlighting the significant role of Mushairas in promoting Urdu language. Addressing poets from around the world, Tesori spoke about the rich history of Urdu poetry, tracing its lineage from classical poets to contemporary figures. He emphasized Urdu's importance in Pakistan and its enduring status as a language of communication and culture.

According to Press Secretary to the Governor of Sindh, Tesori's participation in the International Mushaira was marked by his reverence for the Urdu language and its literary traditions. In his address, he mentioned iconic poets like Khawaja Mir Dard, Mirza Ghalib, and Iqbal, acknowledging their contributions to the beauty and evolution of Urdu. He asserted that despite challenges, Urdu remains a vibrant language with a strong following. Tesori also recalled the declaration of Urdu as the official language of Pakistan by the nation's founding father, stressing its significance in the country's identity.

The Governor also spoke about his efforts towards the welfare of the people, highlighting the need for unity and collective efforts to address challenges facing the homeland, province, and city. He viewed the Mushaira as not just a literary event, but also as a platform to foster cultural understanding and community cohesion.

The event at the Arts Council served as a testament to the enduring legacy of Urdu poetry and its pivotal role in shaping the cultural and literary landscape of Pakistan.

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