Sindh Governor Condemns Attack on Iranians, Calls for Unity Among Muslim Nations

Karachi, In a visit to the Iranian Consulate, Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesori expressed his condolences for the Iranians killed in an Israeli attack and condemned the act. The meeting highlighted the need for solidarity among Muslim countries and the shared grief over the ongoing situation in Palestine.

According to Sindh Governor House, Tesori’s discussion with Iranian Consul General Hasan Nooryan centered on the recent violent events and the broader geopolitical tensions affecting the region. The Governor stressed the importance of a unified response from Muslim nations to address and halt the violence, underscoring the deep-seated relationship and mutual concerns between Pakistan and Iran.

The Consul General appreciated the Governor’s visit and acknowledgment of the crisis, reflecting a mutual desire for peace and stability in the region. The dialogue between the two officials underscored the pressing need for concerted efforts to support affected populations and foster a climate of peace and cooperation.

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