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Inter Services Public Relations

Security Forces Thwart Terrorist Attack on Passenger Vehicles in Balochistan’s Harnai District

Harnai, On April 27, 2024, security forces in Balochistan’s Harnai District engaged in a firefight with terrorists after the latter attempted to stop passenger vehicles on Sanjavi Road. The immediate and effective response by the security forces resulted in one terrorist being killed and another injured.

According to Inter Services Public Relations, the quick reaction by the security forces thwarted the terrorists’ intent, preventing harm to civilians and saving innocent lives. The incident highlights the ongoing efforts of Pakistan’s security forces to combat terrorism and maintain peace in the region.

Following the incident, a sanitization operation was launched to ensure no additional terrorists were present in the area. The security forces are committed to ensuring stability and progress in Balochistan, remaining vigilant against any attempts to disrupt peace.

This latest encounter underscores the security forces’ determination to protect the region from terrorist threats and their unwavering dedication to the safety of the public.