Punjab Police Implements Extensive Security for Hazrat Ali’s Martyrdom Day

Lahore, Punjab Police, under the guidance of Inspector General Dr. Usman Anwar, executed comprehensive security protocols for the Martyrdom Day of Hazrat Ali (AS), deploying over 24,000 personnel across the province to safeguard processions and gatherings.

According to Punjab Police, the force managed security for 812 majalis and 192 processions on the occasion, with significant personnel deployment in Lahore, including 5,000 officers for major events. Security measures encompassed a three-tier checking system for procession entrants, intensive monitoring via a Central Control and Monitoring Room, and support from the Safe Cities Authority and District Administration.

The province observed 27 high-alert (A category) processions and 62 significant majalis, all under the vigilant surveillance of police teams equipped with walk-through gates and metal detectors. The strategy included lady police for women’s checking, plain-clothed commandos, and snipers strategically positioned along procession routes.

IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar also directed traffic management initiatives to ensure smooth flow around event areas, with coordinated efforts from various police formations including Dolphin Squad, PRU, Special Branch, and CTD, ensuring the safety of the public on this sacred day.

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