President Zardari Advocates for Swift Transit Trade Agreement with Turkmenistan

Islamabad, President Asif Ali Zardari has underscored the importance of promptly finalizing the Transit Trade Agreement (TTA) with Turkmenistan, aiming to enhance bilateral ties and regional cooperation. The call was made during a meeting with Turkmenistan’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Atadjan Movlamov, emphasizing the potential benefits in trade, regional connectivity, and economic activities.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the President expressed optimism that the agreement would serve as a cornerstone for expanded trade and economic engagement between the two nations. The meeting also saw discussions on the TAPI Gas Pipeline project, with both parties expressing eagerness for its early completion. This project is viewed as a vital step towards bolstering Pakistan’s economy and addressing its energy requirements.

Ambassador Movlamov congratulated President Zardari on his re-election, reflecting the ongoing positive dynamics between Pakistan and Turkmenistan. President Zardari reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to strengthening its relationship with Turkmenistan, emphasizing the strategic importance of their bilateral ties and the shared goal of enhancing mutual cooperation.

Furthermore, the President highlighted the need to increase the current volume of trade to mutual advantage, signaling a proactive approach towards fostering economic and diplomatic relations with Turkmenistan.

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