Pakistan’s Power Minister Declares War on Electricity Theft

Islamabad, In a resolute move to curb the rampant issue of electricity theft, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Power, Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari, has directed immediate and stringent actions across the country. With an ambitious deadline set for April 23, Minister Leghari aims to completely eradicate electricity theft from Pakistan’s power grid, signaling a significant crackdown on this pervasive issue.

According to Press Information Department, Minister Leghari’s directives were outlined in a letter addressed to the chairmen and CEOs of all Distribution Companies (Discos), as well as to Superintendent Engineers, Executive Engineers, Subdivisional Officers, and relevant field staff. These officials are tasked with mobilizing resources to eliminate electricity theft and are required to issue certificates verifying the absence of theft within their operational domains, establishing a concrete verification process.

Minister Leghari’s strategy includes the rigorous identification and neutralization of methods used for electricity theft. Any instances of non-compliance or evidence of theft will trigger swift legal and disciplinary actions against those within the department found responsible. Recognizing the necessity of tougher measures, the minister has also called for amendments to existing legislation, aiming to impose severe penalties on employees complicit in such illegal activities.

This decisive stance underscores the government’s commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against electricity theft, highlighting its dedication to establishing a fair and transparent power distribution system within the country. Minister Leghari stressed the importance of regular performance evaluations to prevent any future lapses or irregularities in the system, ensuring ongoing vigilance in the fight against electricity theft.

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