Pakistan and Saudi Arabia Establish Framework to Enhance Investment Cooperation

Islamabad, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have agreed on a new bilateral implementation mechanism aimed at enhancing coordination and streamlining the execution of investment-related activities. This agreement was reached during the Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Investment Conference held in Islamabad, which saw significant participation from both nations.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the conference was attended by a high-level Saudi delegation led by Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Furhan A.F. Al Furhan Al Saud and members of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC). During the conference, Pakistani Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar emphasized the longstanding ties and mutual strategic interests that underscore the relationship between the two countries.

Minister Dar highlighted the critical role of Saudi investments in fostering a robust bilateral strategic and economic partnership and outlined how the SIFC platform is designed to simplify investment processes and ensure quick decision-making. He presented Pakistan’s rich opportunities in agriculture, IT, and mining sectors, urging Saudi investors to explore these areas for mutually beneficial partnerships.

The meeting also featured detailed briefings by SIFC officials on the potential and investment opportunities in key sectors of Pakistan’s economy. Deliberations focused on concrete investment opportunities, with both sides engaging deeply to define actionable investment projects.

The Saudi delegation expressed strong interest in Pakistan’s evolving investment ecosystem and appreciated the SIFC’s role in resolving previous investment issues amicably. They showed a keen willingness to invest in significant sectors of Pakistan’s economy, encouraged by the assurances of support and facilitation from the Pakistani side to expedite the realization of these investments.

This new implementation mechanism is expected to enhance the investment flow from Saudi Arabia into Pakistan, marking a significant step toward achieving mutual economic growth and development. Both nations expressed confidence in the strengthened bonds and the promising economic prospects arising from this renewed cooperation.

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