Pakistan and Gates Foundation Reaffirm Commitment to Polio Eradication

Islamabad, In a recent meeting between Dr. Malik Mukhtar Ahmed, the Coordinator to the Prime Minister on National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination (NHSR and C), and representatives from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, both parties reaffirmed their dedication to eradicating polio in Pakistan. This discussion emphasized the ongoing collaboration and significant strides made in the fight against the poliovirus, setting a targeted goal for a polio-free Pakistan by 2026.

According to Press Information Department, officials from the Gates Foundation, Michael Galway and Hamid Jafri, met with Dr. Ahmed to review the progress and challenges in the polio eradication initiative. The Government of Pakistan, represented by Ahmed, highlighted 2024 as a crucial year in the country’s mission to eliminate polio, acknowledging recent outbreaks linked to cross-border movements with Afghanistan.

In the meeting, the need for enhanced health dialogue between Afghanistan and Pakistan was underscored to tackle the polio challenge effectively. Dr. Ahmed announced an upcoming conference aimed at consolidating efforts from all provinces to fine-tune the eradication strategy. Federal Secretary Iftikhar Ali Shallwani outlined efforts to improve local administration involvement and community engagement, particularly in vulnerable areas, to ensure the success of the polio eradication campaigns.

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