Minister Rana Tanveer Emphasizes Commitment to Pakistan’s Agricultural Sector Growth

Islamabad, Rana Tanveer Hussain, serving as the Federal Minister for Industries and Production, has assumed additional responsibilities at the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, affirming the government’s dedication to enhancing Pakistan’s agricultural productivity and growth.

According to Press Information Department, during his first visit to the Ministry, Minister Hussain stressed the importance of agriculture as Pakistan’s economic foundation, outlining the government’s strategy to harness the sector’s potential for national development. He acknowledged the challenges faced, including climate change and water scarcity, and expressed a commitment to implementing comprehensive strategies for sustainable agricultural progress.

Hussain’s remarks highlighted the agricultural sector’s critical role in Pakistan’s economy and food security, promising efforts to improve access to modern technology and markets. His leadership aims to address the immediate and long-term challenges to ensure a prosperous future for the nation’s agriculture and related industries.

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