Minister Leghari Advocates for Enhanced Customer Care in Power Sector

Islamabad, Power sector customer care is set for an overhaul as Minister Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari pushes for heightened efficiency and transparency in complaint resolution, with new measures introduced to improve service quality and customer experience.

According to Press Information Department, Minister Leghari emphasized the need for the Pakistan Information Technology Company (PITC) to actively follow up on customer complaints and provide consistent updates. The minister’s directives during the meeting included a detailed analysis of complaints handled since 2018 to identify any discrepancies in the resolution process, enhancing the sector’s accountability and transparency.

Minister Leghari is keen on making complaint data publicly available to ensure that the power sector remains responsive and customer-focused. He also called for a review of complaint resolution timelines and strict compliance with load shedding regulations to avoid unnecessary power cuts. Furthermore, he stressed accountability within the sector, announcing that personnel failing to meet service standards would face penalties.

These initiatives reflect a broader vision to transform the power sector into a more customer-centric and efficient entity, ensuring that consumer grievances are addressed promptly and effectively.

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