Kyrgyzstan Rolls Out Incentives for Pakistani Entrepreneurs and Investors

Bishkek, In a significant move aimed at bolstering bilateral trade relations, Kyrgyzstan has unveiled a series of incentives designed to facilitate Pakistani entrepreneurs and investors interested in establishing joint ventures within its borders. The announcement was made during a meeting with a Pakistani trade delegation currently exploring trade and investment opportunities in Kyrgyzstan.

According to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Asel Begmatova, the Head of the External Relations Department at the Kyrgyz Ministry of Economy and Commerce, presented the offers. The incentives are part of Kyrgyzstan’s efforts to strengthen economic ties and encourage foreign direct investment from Pakistan. The Pakistani delegation, on a two-week visit, is assessing ways to enhance bilateral trade and promote exports to Kyrgyzstan.

Begmatova emphasized that these joint ventures would not only fulfill local demands in Kyrgyzstan but are also expected to yield substantial profits for investors. The move is seen as a strategic initiative to boost economic cooperation between the two countries, offering Pakistani businesspersons a gateway to Central Asian markets.

The introduction of these incentives is a testament to the growing interest in mutual economic benefits and the deepening relationship between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. As both countries look to diversify their economic partnerships, such initiatives are pivotal in creating new avenues for trade and investment.

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