Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Condemns Attack on Chinese Personnel, Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad, In a strong denouncement, Chaudhry Anwar Haq, the Prime Minister of the Independent Government of Jammu and Kashmir, condemned the terrorist attack on Chinese personnel in Shangla, labeling it as an effort to destabilize the robust alliance between Pakistan and China. The Prime Minister affirmed Pakistan’s resolve to combat terrorism and maintain its longstanding relationship with China.

According to Press Information Department – Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister Haq emphasized that the attack was a deliberate act to undermine the historical ties between the two nations. He reassured that the security forces of Pakistan are vigilant and prepared to eradicate the threat of terrorism from the region. In his statement, he also conveyed his deep condolences to the families of the Chinese victims, underlining the solidarity between Pakistan and China in facing such adversities.

The attack in Shangla has not only drawn condemnation from political leaders but has also highlighted the regional security challenges affecting international collaborations. The incident underscores the ongoing efforts required to protect foreign nationals and strengthen counter-terrorism measures in the area.

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