Islamabad Schools to End Centralized Grade 5 Exams, Focus on Holistic Development

Islamabad, The centralized examination system for grade 5 students in ICT FDE schools will be discontinued, a decision aimed at reducing the academic pressure on young learners.

According to Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, this policy change seeks to mitigate exam-related stress and discourage undue competition among students. The move is part of a broader strategy to cultivate a more nurturing and supportive educational environment that prioritizes holistic development over traditional academic achievement.

While the centralized exams are being phased out, the schools will maintain rigorous educational standards through summative internal diagnostic assessments to ensure ongoing teacher accountability and student learning. The ministry also plans to bolster the educational framework with a variety of co-curricular activities and initiatives designed to enhance students’ life skills and encourage participation in sports and other enriching experiences.

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