Islamabad Intensifies Anti-Drug Campaign to Safeguard Youth

Islamabad, In a renewed effort to combat drug abuse among youth, the Islamabad Police has initiated a special campaign titled “Nasha ab Nae,” focusing on eradicating narcotics from the federal capital. This initiative includes educating students about the dangers of drug use through lectures and community engagement.

According to Islamabad Capital Police, the campaign, driven by direct instructions from Inspector General of Police Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, involves special teams formed to address drug peddling in educational institutions. SP Rural Zone highlighted during a lecture at a local school the importance of awareness and prevention in curbing drug abuse among students. The community is urged to participate actively by reporting suspicious activities related to drugs.

The police are collaborating closely with the Anti-Narcotics Force to dismantle trafficking networks. This joint effort underscores the commitment of the local law enforcement to make Islamabad a safer place for its residents, particularly the youth.

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