Iranian Ambassador Meets Pakistani Prime Minister to Bolster Bilateral Ties

Islamabad, In a significant diplomatic engagement, Ambassador Reza Amiri Moghadam of Iran met with the Prime Minister of Pakistan to discuss strengthening the multifaceted relationship between the two neighboring countries. The meeting underscored the shared history and close relations, with a focus on enhancing cooperation across various sectors including trade, energy, connectivity, and security.

According to Press Information Department, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude towards the President of Iran, Dr. Ebrahim Raisi, for his congratulatory communications post re-election, and reminisced about their recent collaborations, including the inauguration of a border market and an electricity transmission line in May 2023. Discussions at the meeting also revisited their interactions during the SCO Summit in Samarkand in 2022, highlighting the consistent dialogue between the two nations.

The talks emphasized the necessity of joint efforts in areas such as trade expansion, energy projects, and infrastructural connectivity, as well as cultural exchanges and cooperation in counter-terrorism and security. The Prime Minister also acknowledged Iran’s support concerning the Jammu and Kashmir issue and deliberated on the situation in Palestine.

The Iranian Ambassador reaffirmed Iran’s intention to deepen ties with Pakistan, reflecting a mutual commitment to advancing their partnership in areas of common interest.

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