Governor Sindh Launches IT Program in Hyderabad to Train 50,000 Students

Karachi, Governor of Sindh, Kamran Khan Tesori, announced the launch of a new information technology training program in Hyderabad, aiming to educate 50,000 students. The initiative, conducted in collaboration with Maulana Bashir Farooqui of Ceylan Welfare Trust International, seeks to empower the youth and stimulate economic growth in the region.

According to Sindh Governor House, the IT program, which has already seen over 6,000 students register within just two days of the website’s launch, will be financed with a budget of 50 crores, supported by donors. Governor Tesori highlighted the program’s potential to make the youth self-sufficient and capable of earning substantial income.

The program, set to expand to other districts in Sindh, will commence testing within two months. Tesori emphasized the significance of this initiative in providing hope to the youth and contributing to the nation’s economic development. This educational effort is part of a broader strategy to enhance skills and employment prospects in the technology sector.

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