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Deputy Speaker of New York State Assembly's Visit Boosts Pak-US Relations -

Deputy Speaker of New York State Assembly’s Visit Boosts Pak-US Relations

Washington D.C, Deputy Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Mr. Phil Ramos, recently visited Pakistan, marking a significant step towards establishing sister-state relations between New York City and Pakistan. This visit has also opened doors for increased bilateral cooperation in the healthcare sector and opportunities for Pakistani paramedical staff in the United States.

According to Press Information Department, during a virtual meeting with the American Pakistan Public Affairs Committee (APPAC), Ambassador Masood Khan was informed about the initiatives taken during Mr. Ramos’ visit. These include facilitating the Pakistani business community to organize tradeshows and exhibitions in New York and other US cities, showcasing Pakistani products, and strengthening bilateral ties. Three committees, comprising representatives from the Pak Chamber of Commerce, APPAC, and Deputy Speaker’s Office, have been formed to create a roadmap for implementing these decisions.

Ambassador Masood Khan applauded the outcome of Mr. Ramos’ visit and commended APPAC for its role in bolstering trade, investment ties, and promoting people-to-people contacts between Pakistan and the United States. He highlighted the significance of the proposed sister-state relationship with New York, suggesting it would serve as a robust framework for establishing multifaceted long-term ties in various sectors. The Ambassador referred to existing sister-state agreements between California and Punjab, and Sindh and Georgia, as models for this partnership.

Ambassador Khan encouraged the business community and APPAC to begin work on the agreed proposals, assuring support from Pakistani trade officers. He also emphasized the vast trade and investment opportunities in Pakistan, particularly in IT, renewable energy, agriculture, and extractive industries, noting the growth of tech-startups and significant investments from Silicon Valley.

In separate virtual meetings with representatives of the Pakistan Information and Cultural Organization (PICO) Arizona, Pakistan Society of North Texas (PSNT), and the Pakistani American Association, Tampa Bay, Florida, Ambassador Khan discussed the social and philanthropic activities of the Pakistani community in the US. The diaspora bodies appreciated his efforts in uniting Pakistani organizations across the US for shared interests.

Ambassador Masood Khan’s engagement highlights the growing influence of the Pakistani community in the US and their contributions to American society. He urged diaspora bodies to work together for a greater impact of their activities.

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