Consul General of Pakistan in UAE Highlights Role of Pakistani Expatriates and Media

Dubai, At a recent event in the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai, Consul General Hussain Muhammad acknowledged the significant contributions of the 1.8 million Pakistanis residing in the UAE and emphasized the media’s vital role in connecting the expatriate community with their home country. The gathering, part of a broader outreach initiative, aimed to strengthen ties and ensure better awareness of the host country’s laws and norms among the Pakistani community.

According to Press Information Department, the meeting was an opportunity for the Consul General to express gratitude towards the UAE for its role in providing employment to Pakistanis, which in turn supports approximately two million families back in Pakistan. Hussain Muhammad stressed the importance of respecting local laws and societal norms and acknowledged the media’s role in fostering a well-informed and law-abiding community.

During his address to the UAE-based media representatives and community members, Muhammad conveyed the message of Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Pakistan’s Envoy to UAE, underlining the commitment to enhance communication with the Pakistani community in the UAE. The event was attended by key figures, including Mr. Afaq Ahmad, Deputy Head of Mission at Pakistan’s Embassy in Abu Dhabi, alongside officers from the Consulate and Embassy.

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