Chidambaram Counters Modi’s Claims, Accuses BJP of Dividing Jammu and Kashmir

Bengaluru, In a sharp retort to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent criticisms of the Congress Party, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of dividing the state of Jammu and Kashmir into parts, challenging Modi’s labeling of Congress as “the sultan of tukde tukde gang.”

According to Kashmir Media Service, Chidambaram dismissed the allegations made by Modi at a rally in Mysuru as baseless. He argued that it was actually the BJP that enacted the division of Jammu and Kashmir into the separate Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh in 2019. Chidambaram emphasized that this action contradicted Modi’s claims about Congress attempting to fragment the country.

Further defending Congress, Chidambaram highlighted the BJP’s directive to their lawyer during a Supreme Court case related to the reconstitution of Jammu and Kashmir. The government instructed not to finalize a verdict and agreed to conduct elections, simultaneously asserting that the union territory status was temporary and promising eventual restoration of full statehood, though without specifying a timeline.

The former Finance Minister also criticized the BJP’s push for a Uniform Civil Code, suggesting it would foster division and lead to increased societal conflict. Chidambaram’s comments were a direct response to Modi’s accusations that Congress harbored intentions harmful to national unity, including alliances with banned organizations and undermining national symbols and heroes.

Modi, in his speech, had escalated his critique of Congress, accusing it of undermining national interests and security, questioning military actions, and disrespecting cultural and religious symbols.

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