Caretaker Chief Minister Justice Baqir Emphasizes Patriotism and Education at IBA Convocation in Karachi

Karachi, At the convocation of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Justice (R) Maqbool Baqir, the Custodian Chief Minister of Sindh, stressed the importance of patriotism, love for the nation, and commitment to its welfare. He lauded the graduates as the country's future leaders and highlighted the crucial role of education in national development. Baqir emphasized the transformative power of education and the responsibility of educated citizens in shaping Pakistan's future.

According to Sindh Chief Minister House, Justice Baqir, in his address, praised IBA for its seven-decade-long contribution to higher education in Karachi. He acknowledged the institution's multidisciplinary approach, with campuses dedicated to business studies, economics and sciences, and mathematics and computer science. The Chief Minister expressed his belief in the students' potential to lead and revolutionize Pakistan, drawing inspiration from global leaders and educators.

Justice Baqir spoke of Pakistan's rich cultural diversity and the unified passion of its people for their homeland. He encouraged the graduates to apply their education and skills towards making Pakistan a leading nation. Citing Nelson Mandela's view of education as a powerful tool for change, Baqir urged the students to embody the principles of faith, unity, discipline, and continuous effort, as advocated by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The Chief Minister's speech underscored the vital role of higher education in Pakistan's progress. He called on the graduates to use their knowledge and leadership skills to contribute positively to the country's prosperity. Baqir's message was one of hope and aspiration, envisioning a future where educated individuals drive societal and national transformation.

The convocation served as a reminder of the power of education in fostering peace, progress, and unity in Pakistan, with the graduates of IBA poised to become influential leaders in this endeavor.

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