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UN Secretary-General Calls for Accelerated Action on 30th Anniversary of Population Conference

New York: On the thirtieth anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), UN Secretary-General emphasized the urgent need to fulfill the conference’s commitments, particularly in enhancing women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

According to United Nations Pakistan, the Secretary-General highlighted significant progress over the past decades, including increased access to modern contraception and a 34% reduction in maternal deaths since 2000. However, he stressed that progress remains uneven, with approximately 800 women still dying daily from pregnancy and childbirth issues, predominantly in developing countries.

He criticized the regression in legislative efforts against practices like female genital mutilation in some regions. On this year’s World Population Day, the focus is on improving data collection and financial investments to address these challenges effectively. The Secretary-General called on global leaders to capitalize on the upcoming Summit of the Future to mobilize necessary resources for sustainable development.