UN Experts Condemn AI-Driven ‘Domicide’ in Gaza, Demand Reparative Rebuilding Strategy

Geneva, UN human rights experts today vehemently condemned the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by Israeli forces in Gaza, describing the resulting widespread destruction of civilian homes and infrastructure as crimes against humanity and potential acts of genocide. The experts emphasized the urgent need for a reparative approach to rebuilding the region, following extensive damages inflicted over six months of military actions.

According to Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the experts reported that the systematic destruction in Gaza has reached unprecedented levels, severely impacting the civilian population’s living conditions and fundamental human rights. The use of AI systems by the Israeli military, identified by names such as “Gospel,” “Lavender,” and “Where’s Daddy?”, has allegedly led to lowered diligence in avoiding civilian casualties, exacerbating the severity and scope of the destruction.

The destruction includes a significant portion of Gaza’s housing and infrastructure, with an estimated $18.5 billion in damages, amounting to 97% of the combined GDP of Gaza and the West Bank. The experts highlighted the disproportionate impact on housing and civilian infrastructure, which constitutes the majority of the financial losses.

The report also notes more than 15,000 deaths occurred in the first six weeks of the conflict, with AI systems largely used for target selection. Concerns were specifically raised about the targeting of “family homes” of suspected Hamas operatives at night, which often resulted in high civilian casualties.

The UN experts called for Israel, as the occupying power, to start a reparative rebuilding process, and also for accountability from nations that provided support for the military actions. They stressed that the extensive level of destruction and displacement, affecting 75% of Gaza’s residents, underscores the necessity of a substantial and principled reconstruction effort.

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