Sindh Home Minister Announces Enhanced Security Measures and Anti-Crime Initiatives

Karachi, Sindh Home Minister Zia-ul-Hasan Lanjar has outlined a series of rigorous security and law enforcement strategies to clamp down on crime and improve public safety across the province, with special focus on border areas and regions notorious for illegal activities.

According to Sindh Police, the minister emphasized the urgent need for smart CCTV installations along all border areas of Sindh, particularly at critical tri-junction points, to enhance surveillance and security measures. During a comprehensive review meeting with top police officials including IG Sindh Ghulam Nabi Memon, and other regional DIGs and SSPs, the minister directed a point-to-point discussion on the current law and order situation in Kashmore/Kandhkot and Shikarpur, resulting in further directives based on the insights gathered.

The meeting also addressed issues such as human trafficking, the sale of cheap vehicles, and kidnapping for ransom, stressing the importance of a coordinated approach to protect citizens from various criminal schemes including honey traps. The Home Minister announced the deployment of additional police forces, with 1000 personnel each designated for Kashmore/Kandhkot and Shikarpur to bolster local law enforcement capabilities.

Furthermore, Lanjar instructed that continuous patrolling and snap-checking should be conducted on roads and highways near rough areas, and emphasized the need for regular briefings to ensure police officers are fully aware of their duties and the critical nature of their roles.

In an effort to combat the cultivation and trafficking of illegal crops, a committee consisting of district commissioners and senior police officers has been established to oversee the eradication of such activities. The minister directed that these illegal crops be seized and transferred to government warehouses, underscoring the necessity of strict legal actions against those involved in their cultivation and distribution.

The initiatives extend beyond law enforcement, with the Home Minister also engaging with the business community and representatives of the civil society, including a delegation from the Hindu community, to discuss their concerns and ensure their input is considered in enhancing regional security.

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