Sindh Governor Visits Family of Slain Rider Ali Rahbar, Promises Justice and Support

Karachi, In a recent visit marked by grief and political commitment, Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tesori personally went to the home of the late Ali Rahbar, a rider who was tragically killed resisting a robbery. Rahbar, the grandson of Tehreek-e-Pakistan leader Syed Yawar Hussain, also known as Kaif Banarsi, lost his life in an incident that has sparked widespread outrage and a call for decisive action against street crime in Karachi.

According to Sindh Governor House, the visit was an occasion for Governor Tesori to express his condolences to Ali Rahbar’s father, Akhtar Hussain, and to assure the bereaved family of his full support. The Governor offered prayers for the deceased and discussed his personal commitment to justice, including taking responsibility for the education of Rahbar’s children and expressing his willingness to resign if it would aid in the fight against crime.

Governor Tesori’s statements to the media reflected a profound engagement with the family’s grief and a broad commitment to addressing the scourge of street crime. He highlighted the socio-economic struggles faced by Rahbar and emphasized the urgent need for action from all levels of government, including collaboration with political figures like Bilawal Bhutto to enhance public safety and judicial processes.

The Governor’s visit and his subsequent promises signal a potentially transformative moment in the local response to crime, with calls for improved police patrolling and a more empathetic approach to the victims of such incidents.

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