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Sindh Chief Minister Meets Dutch Ambassador to Discuss Climate Resilience and Investment Opportunities

Karachi, In a significant meeting held on Tuesday at the Chief Minister’s House, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah discussed strategies to enhance flood resilience and attract Dutch investment in various sectors with the Netherlands Ambassador Mrs. Hennie de Vries.

According to Chief Minister Sindh, the discussions centered on restoring natural water drainage channels to combat the impacts of recent devastating floods and ongoing climate change. This initiative reflects the government’s proactive approach to natural disaster mitigation, particularly in strengthening the region’s canal, irrigation, and drainage systems, which were heavily impacted during the floods of 2010, 2011, and 2022.

Ambassador de Vries highlighted the urgent need for climate adaptation measures, acknowledging the severe effects of climate-induced heavy rainfall on Sindh. The meeting also explored potential investments, with a focus on developing flood-resistant agricultural technologies and improving water management infrastructures such as sewage treatment plants in Karachi, which could use treated water for industrial purposes.

The Chief Minister encouraged Dutch companies to consider significant investment opportunities in Sindh, particularly in sectors like agriculture, live stock, fisheries, and water treatment. He assured that the investment department of his government would coordinate with the Netherlands Embassy to discuss and facilitate agricultural support mechanisms.

Furthermore, the ambassador expressed the Netherlands’ interest in providing loans for the development of the Agricultural Bank and offered technical and financial support to enhance the live stock and fisheries sectors in Sindh. A follow-up action by the provincial investment department was directed to initiate detailed discussions with Dutch representatives to broaden investment and support.

As a token of appreciation and cultural exchange, Chief Minister Shah presented an Ajarak, crafted by special children, to Ambassador de Vries, who lauded this gesture and the productive discussions.