Security Forces Conduct Operation in Panjgur, Eliminate Notorious Terrorist

Rawalpindi, In a significant counter-terrorism effort on the night of March 20/21, 2024, Pakistani security forces carried out an intelligence-based operation in District Panjgur. The operation targeted a known terrorist hideout, resulting in the death of terrorist Chakar Liaquat and injuries to two others.

According to Inter Services Public Relations, the operation saw security personnel engaging with the terrorists’ location effectively, leading to Liaquat’s elimination. Liaquat was implicated in numerous terrorist activities, marking his death as a substantial blow to terrorist operations in the region. The forces also recovered weapons and ammunition from the scene, further crippling the terrorists’ capabilities.

The operation is part of a broader sanitization effort in the area, aimed at rooting out any remaining terrorists and ensuring the region’s safety. The Pakistani Security Forces’ commitment to eradicating the menace of terrorism from the country remains unwavering, as demonstrated by their continuous and determined efforts.

This latest action underscores the forces’ resolve and capability to confront and dismantle terrorist networks, ensuring peace and security for the nation’s citizens.

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