Pakistan’s Youth Programme and Tourism Development Corporation Forge Path for Tourism Growth

Islamabad, In a strategic meeting aimed at enhancing the country’s tourism sector, Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan, met with the Managing Director of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). This collaboration seeks to unlock the tourism potential of Pakistan by introducing new initiatives and leveraging digital platforms to promote the country’s diverse attractions.

According to Press Information Department, the meeting featured a detailed briefing on the PTDC’s operations and current projects. Chairman Mashood praised the federal government’s initiatives in tourism and outlined plans for establishing camping sites and tourism facilitation centers across all provinces. These facilities aim to improve tourist access and experience, reflecting a broader strategy to boost local and international visitation.

Central to the discussion was the promotion of the “Salam Pakistan” portal, designed to guide tourists with essential information. Mashood’s emphasis on technology’s role in enhancing the tourist experience led to the proposal of a dedicated tourism helpline to support visitors nationwide. Furthermore, the meeting underscored the importance of digital media in tourism marketing, announcing a training program for young vloggers to create compelling digital content that showcases Pakistan’s cultural and natural landscapes.

The commitment between the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme and PTDC to work together marks a significant step towards revitalizing Pakistan’s tourism industry, with a focus on sustainable and accessible tourism development.

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